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Friday, August 19, 2011

Miller Motorsports Park Attracts Top Racers, Novice Drivers

The Miller Motorsports Park is recognized as one of the top road racing facilities in the world and it hosts several of the world’s most significant racing series events. Almost every week there are important race events, where world-class athletes pound the straightaway at nearly 200 MPH.

But the track is also open for amateur racers. People can use their own cars and challenge the speedway, just for the thrill of going fast. They can also rent high performance race cars. In addition, the facility offers professional coaching for wannabee drivers. The facility is located near Tooele, west of Salt Lake City, and has worked hard to be a good neighbor and community resource.

See the park website for more information.

The next big race will take place over Labor Day weekend, when the park hosts Bike Fest 2011. has this report on upcoming race events. Here's what it has to say about Bike Fest.

MMP is busy making plans for Labor Day weekend, September 3-4, when the facility will host Bike Fest 2011. This weekend will give fans a chance to enjoy the past, present and future of motorcycle racing. The past is represented by the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association's Bonneville Vintage Grand Prix, featuring bikes ranging from the 1940s (and, in some cases, older) to the 1980s. MMP's own Masters of the Mountains series, organized by the Utah Sport Bike Association, represents the state of the art in contemporary sport bike racing. Representing what may well be the future of two-wheel tech is the TTXGP series, the world's premier electric motorcycle championship, making its first appearance at MMP. The development of electric motorcycles - particularly electric racing motorcycles - is in its infancy, and we are thrilled to be able to be a part of the growth of this exciting technology.


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