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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

More Public Transit Options Available In Salt Lake City

Public transportation options were expanded in Salt Lake City over the weekend, with the opening of 2 new TRAX light rail lines.

As the new lines were placed into service, other lines and some bus routes were modified. As a result, people using public transportation need to become familiar with the new options. The UTA website has detailed information about routes, policies and prices.

Various news reports have been published about the expansion. This Deseret News article provides a good summary. Below are excerpts.

The original TRAX line that opened Dec. 3, 1999, ran 15.1 miles from the Sandy Civic Center to the then-Delta Center. The new Mid-Jordan line runs 10.6 miles from the Fashion Place station to the Daybreak development in South Jordan. And the new West Valley line runs an additional 5.1 miles, totaling 15.7, according to the UTA.

UTA is projecting 14,000 weekday riders on the two lines at opening, to add to its 44,000 daily average now.

UTA is not only nearly doubling its track miles, Carpenter noted. But with three lines now running trains every 15 minutes on weekdays (every 20 on weekends), a new train from one of the three lines will arrive at some stations every two to three minutes.

KSL has this report about public reaction to the expansion. Below are excerpts.

The Mid-Jordan and West Valley TRAX line are now open, but some people need a little extra help navigating the new system. With the new line changes, several commuters have had to change their routes and switch trains, which have added to their commute time.

With Monday being the first business day for commuters to utilize the new system, there have already been mixed reactions from the people about the new changes.


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