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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fortune Lists Salt Lake Among Hot Spots For Business

Fortune magazine has come out with a list of 15 international cities that are becoming hot spots for business. Two US cities, Salt Lake and Austin, are on the list. International cities include Stockholm and Warsaw.

See the Fortune article. The article had this to say about Salt Lake:

"Move over, Stanford: The University of Utah claims to lead the nation's universities in creating successful startups - the Brookings Institution says the city's workforce is the nation's most productive. More reasons business like Salt Lake: Inexpensive utilities and state property taxes, and corporate taxes that are the ninth-lowest in the U.S." has this report about the list. Below are excerpts.

Fortune says they looked at economic data, talked to business leaders about where they plan to open new offices and factories and talked to local business leaders. Utah Governor Gary Herbert was among those local leaders touting Salt Lake City as a great new location for business.

With top companies like eBay, Electronic Arts and Twitter opening up offices in Utah, the business world is recognizing Salt Lake City's emerging importance...

BYU graduate and Salt Lake City resident Josh James is listed as one of four CEOs on the frontiers of global business for Omniture, a company he started in the early 1990s and sold to Adobe for $1.8 billion cash.


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