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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Utah Trails Make Outside Magazine's Best List

Outside Magazine has compiled a list of "America's Best Trails 2011." The magazine names 33, and several are in Utah.

Here's the intro: "Presenting our first-ever roundup of the greatest hiking, biking, paddling, fishing, drinking, and underground (yes, underground) trails in the country."

BEST GRAND CANYON TRAIL - Kanab Canyon. "At the end of the (unnamed side) canyon, you’ll find the 100-foot Whispering Falls tumbling into a 15-foot-deep swimming hole.

BEST MOUNTAIN-BIKE TRAIL YOU HAVE HEARD OF - "Because of the twisty singletrack. Because of the 2,700-foot descent to the Colorado River. Because it put Moab on the map."

BEST THROUGH-HIKES YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF - "Traversing Utah’s Uinta Mountains, the aptly named Highline Trail stays above 10,000 feet for the better part of 100 miles."

BEST TRAIL IN CANYON COUNTRY - "Shenanigans Canyon, in the North Wash, an hour southeast of Hanksville, Utah, is a classic, with canyoneering challenges of increasing difficulty as one descends. With an experienced guide, it’s accessible to an average canyoneer." —Aron Ralston, 35, author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place, as told to Mattie Schuler [Editor’s note: Take Ralston’s advice about the guide—Shenanigans can be gnarly. And pack a good knife.]


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