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Monday, May 02, 2011

Warm Weather Will Bring Increased Road Construction In Utah

As the weather warms, more road construction projects will be unfurled and more traffic delays will result, as Utah's Department of Transportation works for long-range highway improvements.

UDOT updates this web page to provide current info on projects that impact travel.

This news article describes anticipated summer projects. Below are excerpts.

"We're working continuously on all of our state roads to make them safer," Mashburn said. Safety includes the installation of concrete or cable-median barriers to keep vehicles on the right sides of the road during any unforeseen incidents.

UDOT crews will try to do most of the road work during off-peak hours and on nights and weekends, Mashburn said, to avoid already congested commute times throughout the year. They are also using various innovative techniques to make the projects least invasive to drivers.

In some cases, a quick-drying cement material will be used to minimize impacts on traffic. UDOT has already employed the use of "bridge-farms," where bridges and overpasses are built to the side of the road instead of in place and later moved in just a few hours, to cut down the time traffic is detoured or blocked from the affected areas.

In addition to the ongoing Utah County I-15 Corridor Expansion and the Mountain View Corridor project, sections of highways are set to be resurfaced and reinforced to provide improved performance, lanes will be added in areas with highest demands, and bridges will also be replaced. In addition, upgrades to exits and interchanges will take place, resulting in more efficient and safe traffic flow in areas throughout the state.


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