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Friday, April 29, 2011

See Life-Size Replicas Of Dinosaurs

Utah is well known for its dinosaur sites, including some of the best places in the world to see fossils and replicas. Prominent sites like Dinosaur National Monument, the Utah Field House of Natural History and Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry are spectacular, but are located far from major airports and interstate highways.

Two sites, North American Museum of Ancient Life and the Eccles Dinosaur Park are located along the Wasatch Front where they are easy to get to from Salt Lake City.

The Provo Herald has this article about Eccles Dinosaur Park. Below are excerpts.

The park is situated at the mouth of Ogden Canyon, with the Ogden River and accompanying Ogden River Parkway Trail running along its northern border. Made up of paved walking trails, the park features more than 100 life-sized replicas of dinosaurs on display atop hills, diving for fish and tending their young, among other scenes. Sound effects are heard throughout the park as well.

We saw a Stegosaurus and her baby, a Tyrannosaurus rex baring its teeth over its recently caught prey, Pteranodons, what laypeople might refer to as a Pteradactyl, and lots of other beasts with varying features such as claws, scales, plates, etc.

Most of the park is like an outdoor museum. You can’t touch the dinosaurs, and much to the dismay of my 5-year-old, you certainly can’t climb on them.


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