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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Utah Ice-Off Fishing Begins

I fished Utah Lake today, trying for walleye, and had a great time. Action was slow - I did not catch any walleye - but it was fun putting the boat out on the water. I did catch the white bass shown in the photo.

Fishing success should pick up as the water warms a bit. Utah Lake is home to several species of sport fish, but it is walleye at draw attention at this time of year. They usually provide good fishing beginning about the middle of March. The lake also has many white bass and channel catfish, and they can also provide good action.

Otter Creek and Piute reservoirs in southern Utah are now ice-free and they are providing fair to good trout fishing. Deer Creek, Jordanelle, Rockport and other mid-elevation waters in northern Utah will probably shed ice during the next few weeks.

Fishermen anticipate the ice-off period because it often brings good action. Since waters are still cold, trout can range freely. They can often be found along the edge of the ice as it pulls back, and up tight against the bank. Shore fishing is good during this period because the fish are easily accessible. However, shore fishermen sometimes cast right over the fish because they think they need to reach deeper water. The best fishing is usually shallow.

Lake Powell has provided surprisingly good fishing this winter. Striped bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass almost provide great fishing at the big lake beginning in early April.


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