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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Guide To Hiring Adventure Guides

Utah's backcountry offers opportunity for extraordinary adventure, attracting serious outdoorsmen from around the world. Adventures can range from mild hikes to strenuous and dangerous climbing, rappelling and off-trail bushwhacking.

Many people dream about serious adventure, but don't feel they have the knowledge and experience needed to trek into the backcountry. Others charge ahead, and occasionally get into trouble because their thirst for adventure outpaces their skill sets and physical capabilities.

Two good options can help people enjoy adventure more safely. One is to participate in group outings and classes. Most of Utah's national parks offer ranger-led outings. Colleges, community education programs and other educational organizations often offer classes where you can learn outdoor adventure skills. Often the classes include field trips.

The other option is to go with a professional guide. Professional guides can be found in all of Utah's popular destinations and they offer a wide range of adventures, from whitewater rafting to canyoneering and climbing. See our list of professional guides.

National Park Traveler has this article giving good info about how and why to hire a guide for Utah adventures. Below are a couple excerpts.

Guides and outfitters have led tenderfoots and canyon lovers into the dry, stunning, countryside of the Southwestern national parks since before they were parks...

Guides can take you to the best places and show off the secret spots. In effect, a guide can put you on the “fast track to being a local,” says Amelia Gull of Zion Adventure Company, and help make your visit more meaningful.

One good place to start is Utah Guides and Outfitters, which currently lists 50 recreational outfitters in the state.


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