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Friday, December 10, 2010

Lake Powell Ferry To Close For Repairs

The ferry which carries automobiles across Bullfrog Bay at Lake Powell will be closed for repairs from January through March, 2011.

Utah Highway 276 provides access to the Bullfrog area on the north side of the lake. The highway continues on the south side, with cars, trucks, boat trailers, RVs and other vehicles crossing the reservoir on the ferry.

Hwy 276 drops down from Hwy 95 south of Hanksville. It loops through the Bullfrog/Halls Crossing area and then reconnects with Hwy 95 near Natural Bridges National Monument. Travelers will still be able to access all areas served by Hwy 276, they just won't be able to follow it across the lake.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about the Ferry closing. Below are excerpts.

The good news is that Utah’s lone ferry — which operates between Hall’s Crossing and Bullfrog marinas on Lake Powell — won a $300,000 federal grant for maintenance on its engines and hull and rehabilitation of its docks.

The bad news is that Utah Department of Transportation officials say the ferry will likely close at the end of December until April to allow the work.

(UDOT Executive Director John) Njord also said the state is looking to cut back ferry operations during winter in future years to save on costs.

The ferry charges $25 for vehicles less than 20 feet in length but may save hundreds of miles in driving, depending on the destination.


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