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Monday, December 06, 2010

Salt Lake International Airport Ranked 3rd Best in US

Travel guide publisher Zagat has ranked the best and worst airports in the US, based on input from frequent fliers. Salt Lake International Airport came in at number 3, behind airports in Portland and Tampa Bay.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about the ranking. Below are excerpts.

The New York-based Zagat publishes travel, restaurant and hotel guides, and posts rankings on Each year it also conducts a survey on airlines, and as part of that ranks the nation’s 30 largest airports.

Salt Lake City International jumped from a mediocre No. 18 last year to a lofty No. 3 this year.

"It is an efficient hub airport, and almost 50 percent of the traffic here does connect to another flight. So maybe making an efficient connection is in the forefront of people’s minds," Gann said.

"It’s also convenient and accessible" to downtown Salt Lake City, whereas many airports are far from or require expensive commutes to the cities that they serve. Gann adds that the Salt Lake City airport also has high ratings for on-time performance compared to most cities.

The survey also ranked 90 international airlines. Continental Airlines won the top overall ranking for large, domestic premium class airlines. Delta Air Lines, which has a hub in Salt Lake City, was ranked third.

For domestic economy class airlines, JetBlue (which houses many of its administrative functions in Salt Lake City) won top ranking and Southwest (which has extensive flight service in Salt Lake City) was second.

On the other end of the spectrum, 8,000 frequent fliers polled by the annual Zagat Airline Survey rank New York City’s LaGuardia Airport as the worst, followed closely by Miami and Los Angeles international airports.


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