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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Colors Are Starting In Utah's Canyons

The leaves are turning in canyons and on mountains in northern Utah and colors will peak in about 2 weeks. Areas in southern Utah run a little slower – leaves in most southern areas will peak in mid-October. In the St George and Zion Park area, colors will peak in early November.

I drove through Logan Canyon today and enjoyed the spectacular scenery. Logan Canyon is considered one of our prime spots to view fall colors. Today, many tree leaves were still green but the grass along the roadside was turning amber, the willows along the river were showing golden hues and individual quaking aspen trees were painted with yellow and orange.

I took these photos today, showing a little sample of what is to come. Click on one of them to see a larger version.

The colors will intensify every day now. Soon the thick stands of quakies on the mountainside will be a sea of color and the mountain oak will light up with rich reds and scarlets.

This page lists some of our best spots to see fall colors. I will be out enjoying them. I hope you can do the same.

- Dave Webb


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