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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Fuel Station Opens Up Vernal Area to Natural Gas Powered Vehicles

Natural gas powered cars have long been able to refuel along the I-15 corridor, from the Salt Lake area all the way to Los Angeles, but few stations offer natural gas in rural Utah.

Now a station has opened in Naples, just south of Vernal, so people traveling in the Uinta Basin can fill up with the alternate fuel.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about the new station. Below are excerpts.

The Uinta Basin is suddenly on the map of destinations for drivers of compressed natural gas vehicles, now that Questar Gas and partners have opened a first Utah fueling station well away from the Interstate 15 corridor.

It’s still unlikely that drivers could get from Salt Lake City to Denver unless they have a bi-fuel vehicle and can switch to a gasoline tank. But Giles said Colorado has a coalition committed to rapid expansion of the CNG fueling network, and such a corridor likely will be completed soon.

Meantime, Clean Cities and Questar are committed to making a new push along Interstate 80 at the Wyoming and Nevada state lines, giving Utahns another east-west CNG route.


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