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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Almost Perfect At Lake Powell

The latest newsletter is out and it focuses on Lake Powell. You can see it here.

In the newsletter I tell a little about my recent trip to the lake, and describe what conditions will be like there in the fall.

My recent trip was almost perfect. I include two of my photos here, to give you a glimpse of the fun. We camped on the beach, in our own private cove with a sandy beach and warm water where the kids swam and played. We pulled kids on wakeboards, kneeboards and tubes, enjoyed the scenery and did some fishing.

The weather was hot, blazingly hot, and that's the reason the trip was only almost perfect. During the day the air temperature climbed into the high 90s F, and the breeze felt like it was coming from a blast furnace. The water temperature was a very pleasant 80 F, and so we spent as much time as possible in the lake. The water felt delightful.

We had a sliver of a moon at night. As it set the stars were left to themselves and they rose to the occasion. The night sky was amazing.

In August, Lake Powell is wonderful during the morning, and in the evening as the sun goes down. During the afternoon you hunker down in shade or play in the water.

September and early October my favorite times to visit Lake Powell, as I said in our newsletter. The air is warm but not oppressively hot. The water is still warm and enjoyable and the fishing is great.

We had great fun on our trip. Now I'm anxious to go back. If I can work out my schedule, I'll be back in late September.

- Dave Webb


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