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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ford Ironman Race Brings Thousands To St George

As many as 10,000 visitors may be in St George this weekend participating the the Ford Ironman race. The race itself will take place on Saturday, over a course that is described as one of the most challenging ever. Participants will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles.

The race is a massive affair that is expected to pump more than $7 million into the local economy. Motels in the St George area will be full. There will be traffic congestion at times near race venues.

The Ironman St George website has details about the events.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article giving perspective. Below are excerpts.

"We expect hundreds of runners and riders on area streets with the athletes getting familiar with the race sites," said (Assistant City Manager Marc) Mortensen, adding signs are already in place to inform the public of travel restrictions on the day of the event.

Kevin Lewis, director of sports and events for the St. George Convention and Tourism Bureau, who has been involved in bringing the event to the city for two years, has traveled to several other Ironman cities. "We've done our research to see what Ironman meant to other cities and figure it is a perfect fit here, an ideal location that will showcase the area as never before," he said.

He expects visitors to stay several days and noted that the city has already benefitted from the event.

"Ever since the Christmas holiday people have been coming here and riding and checking things out," he said. "I met a couple from Canada that has been here since the first of April. We hope after the event the athletes will come back with family and friends."


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