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Monday, February 22, 2010

Want An Olympic Experience? Take A Ride On The Bobsled At Utah Olympic Park

With all the excitement over the Olympics, many travelers to Utah are interested in seeing the venues used in 2002, when we hosted the games. Some people are even brave enough to participate in Olympic sports on the venues used by the athletes.

Galavanting has this interesting article where it recommends the Comet Bobsled ride at Utah Olympic Park. Below are excerpts.

Adventure travelers and thrill seekers need to look no further than the “Comet” Bobsled Rides at the Olympic Park Utah. Those willing to pay $200 can take a ride down the 2002 Olympic bobsled track which is advertised as “the most-intense minute of your life.”

This experience is definitely not for the weary. The track is less than one mile long, includes a 40-story drop and 15 turns, and you will feel five times the pull of gravity during the intense ride. It is considered one of the fastest runs in the world. If you are one of the 3,000 people who take advantage of this ride each year, you’ll get the closest thing to what a winter Olympic athlete experiences going for the gold.


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