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Utah Travel Headlines

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amangiri Resort Brings Luxury To National Park Country has this interesting article about the new Amangiri Resort, located near Lake Powell, halfway between Zion and Grand Canyon, in the heart of the Grand Circle of national parks.

Below are excerpts.

America’s canyonlands – not just the Grand Canyon, but beyond – are a revelation within the Grand Circle, a bull’s-eye of land stretching through Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado that includes the largest concentration of national parks and monuments in the United States. American families have long made the pilgrimage there. It’s our version of a luxury European Grand Tour – only, sadly, without the luxury. Until now.

Before, you’d skip off in the morning to see all the sublime wilds, then trudge back at night to a motel with an ice machine. It was like going to St Paul’s Cathedral for evensong, then McDonald’s for dinner. But now, in southernmost Utah, bang in the middle of the Grand Circle, Aman Resorts has opened its newest hotel. The Amangiri, built entirely of sandy-hued cement, is the perfect match for its surroundings. It refuses to ruin the mood.

The hotel is so well-nestled into the ancient landscape that it’s nearly invisible. Each of its 34 rooms opens to a view that film director John Ford would have loved: endless sagebrush, sandstone and sky.

Outside, a 165m-year-old sandstone rock formation juts into the sinuous swimming pool. And the nearby spa features treatments such as chakra realignment, as well as a steam room, sauna, and plunge pool. A hidden hot tub is ideal for taking in the sky at day’s end, when it suddenly turns a nearly-neon purple.


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