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Monday, October 05, 2009

Fishing Heats Up As Temperatures Fall

Some mighty good fishing is happening around Utah right now. Our sport fish are in a fall pattern; instinct tells them to eat voraciously to prepare for the cold, lean days of winter. As a result, fishing is very good at many waters around the state.

See our weekly fishing report for tips and information.

I fished for trout at Scofield Reservoir over the weekend and had great success. Scofield offers rainbow, cutthroat and tiger trout, and we caught some of each variety. Most were pan-sized but a few were quite big.

We started out by trolling small lures, and everything we tried worked. The best lure was a small, rainbow-colored Rapala. I also jigged using a Gulp Minnow on a colored jig-head, and it worked well. Others in our party used worms and Powerbait and enjoyed tremendous success.

I love fishing in the fall. The foliage is spectacular right now and it is a joy getting out into the mountains.

I had such fun, I'll probably go fishing again this weekend. I'm making plans to hit Lake Powell. The water there is still warm enough to ski and play, and the fishing reports are all positive. If the weather holds we'll probably also do some hiking down there - do one more slot canyon water hike before giving up on summer activities.

- Dave


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