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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Upgrade Brings Improvements to

We've been busy the past few weeks making upgrades to this website. The most obvious change is in the way the site looks. We've modified the layout to provide more room for text, photos and video, and we've incorporated a striking new color scheme.

We are working hard to provide the best information possible on Utah attractions. Video has become effective on the Internet and it is the best medium available to show what attractions are really like. You'll notice we have placed video clips at the top of many pages; some pages have multiple clips. We are pushing hard to get quality video showing all major Utah areas and attractions.

We've also placed a comments button on our pages. Click it to read comments, or to add your own. We encourage website visitors to share information and insights from their trips. Note that you can add photos to your comments.

We have a large website and changes like these require tremendous work. Please be patient as we work through the bugs. And please share your insights. Together, we can make this website even more valuable.

- Dave Webb


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