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Monday, April 06, 2009

Utah Launches Summer Tourism Ad Campaign

Utah's office of tourism has launched a new ad campaign designed to show potential tourists what the state has to offer. It includes three different ads that will air on 11 cable stations through April and May, as well as on local stations in Los Angeles, Denver and Phoenix. It also includes print ads that can be seen in travel magazines and online.

This year's campaign is a bit different that those from previous years, with more focus on attracting people from nearby states.

Media prices are low right now and so officials say they were able to make excellent buys - that we were able to get more exposure than ever for limited dollars.

KSL has this news story about the ads, and has links so you can watch the ads online. Below are a couple excerpts.

She (Leigh von der Esch, managing director of the Utah Office of Tourism) says even in tough financial times, people are still visiting Utah. Traveler spending rose an estimated 6.2 percent in 2008 to more than $7 billion. "Utah offers great value. You just can't find better value than our state parks and our national scenic beauty," von der Esch said.

That's where this ad campaign hopes to find success. Commercials show a montage of Utah's unique, family-friendly sights, sounds and adventure with a touch of humor. The slogan: "Utah, where what's next is completely up to you."

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about the ads.

The state's $3.2 million summer advertising campaign, which debuted Monday on television and in print, takes a humorous approach in showing recreationists loaded down with all kinds of gear that can be used to have fun in Utah. (Utah Office of Tourism) value in their vacations. Our commercials, with a bit of a sense of humor, are eye-catching but also get across the message Utah has a lot to do in a small area."

She (von der Esch) does not think the ads, created for the Tourism Office by its advertising agency, Struck, will come off as goofy. Early runs of print ads in Sunset magazine have generated far more calls than more conventional approaches, von der Esch added.


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