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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Utah is the Fastest Growing State in the US

Utah leads the nation for population growth, according to new census data (for the time period from July 2007 to July 2008). And we also have some of the fastest-growing cities.

Provo/Orem is the nation's 6th fastest growing metro area

Logan has the 9th fastest growth.

St George ranks as the 10th fastest

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article on the growth. Here's a quote: "More people continue to move to Utah in search of jobs than move out, she said. The trend has slowed with the drooping economy, she noted, but Utah's business climate still fares better than most. That has nudged Utah cities' robust growth rates."

The Deseret News has this article. Here's just one tidbit: "Census estimates show that about a third of such Utah growth came from people immigrating, likely attracted by economic conditions that were still generally better here than elsewhere. But about two-thirds of that growth came from Utah's much higher-than-normal birth rates (and long life expectancy)."


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