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Friday, February 13, 2009

Watch Thousands of Snow Geese Near Delta

Thousands of beautiful snow geese migrate through Utah during the last half of February every year. The migration is so predictable, a Snow Goose Festival is held to welcome the birds. It has become a popular wildlife-watching event. This year it will run February 20-21; it is held in and around Delta, in west-central Utah.

The Millard County Travel website has good info on the festival, complete with two video clips that capture the excitement of seeing huge flocks of the birds. Go to this page for festival info, and links to the videos.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources participates in the festival. Biologists will be on hand to present info about the birds, and about other wildlife. The division also shares spotting scopes and binoculars with people who don't bring their own. The DWR website has this good info about the festival.

It is an amazing sight, when thousands of big, white birds come zooming in right over you. It is worth the trip to Delta.

- Dave


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