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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Utah Governor Pushes For Renewable Energy

Governor Jon Huntsman wants Utah to lead the US in developing and using renewable energy. In his State of the State address, Huntsman set the goal of obtaining that leadership position by 2012.

Forbes has this article about Huntsman's vision. Below are excerpts.

"Just as Wall Street is known for finance and Silicone Valley for technology, by 2012, I believe Utah can become the premier destination in America for renewable energy," Huntsman said Tuesday.

Huntsman is increasingly attempting to brand himself as part of a new breed of Western Republicans that embrace the environment as an issue that the GOP can use to aggressively compete with Democrats and draw young people to the party.

For Huntsman, there's little political risk. He's the most popular governor in state history and has repeatedly said he wouldn't seek a third term.

"We must pass legislation this year to incentivize, rather than penalize, innovative technologies where the risk is real, but the reward is great," he said.

Huntsman also set a goal of designating Interstate 15 from Idaho to Arizona - about 400 miles - as a natural gas corridor.

"Working with Questar, a great local company, to encourage the use of natural gas, which emits almost no pollution, is more affordable and most importantly, is a domestic fuel found right here in our own backyard; getting Utah, and the nation, one step closer to breaking our addiction to foreign oil," he said.


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