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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sundance Buzz Begins In Park City

They are already arriving - the media, the indie producers and the frenzied fans. The celebs will start to appear in Park City as the Sundance Film Festival officially opens on Thursday.

MTV is there, ready to bring us the buzz. Here's their latest article anticipating the action. I'll offer just one quote:

Later this week, your MTV Movies team will once again hit the ground running at the 25th Annual Sundance Film Festival. As always, we'll be looking for tomorrow's biggest movies before the world has heard of them — as well as the star-transforming roles that could make an impact like those listed above. has this information on who will be where when. Here's a quote:

During Sundance, The Star Bar competes with Harry O's for who can bring the most celebrity wattage while simultaneously causing blackouts on Main Street thanks to excessive sound and light equipment. (Seriously.) This Thursday, Star Bar hosts the Slamdance Opening Party while Paul Oakenfold and Mark Lewis will drop in on January 20. Harry O's meanwhile brings T.I. to town on Saturday. But who booked Chet Cannon?


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