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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have A Happy, Safe, Adventurous New Year

Here's hoping 2009 brings you joy, prosperity and plenty of opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery and exciting outdoor adventure.

'08 is now gone - Father Time will determine its place in history. The new year, hopefully, will bring new opportunities to live, to work and to play. The world won't change overnight. Tomorrow's sun will rise over conflict, hate and suffering. But it will also illuminate beauty and love.

Perhaps a year from now we will all be in a better place.

Meanwhile, our national parks offer great escapes where you can find beauty and serenity. That's true even though Zion Park is on track to set a new record for number of visitors in a year. This article gives details.

Our ski resorts offer beauty and adventure. That's true even though the backcountry avalanche danger remains high and experts urge caution. This article has details.

The world looks better after you ski down a mountain or hike up a canyon.

I hope to see you outdoors.

- Dave Webb


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