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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Four Corners Monument

We've just completed updating information on the Four Corners Monument - you can see our Four Corners pages here.

The states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet at Four Corners - it is the only spot in the US where 4 state borders touch.

We noticed that our Four Corners page was popular - it gets a tremendous number of page views - and so we decided to expand the information.

We've now posted new text and new photos, and we've added a video clip.

Four Corners is a remote area far from cities, gas stations and normal travel services. We've posted information designed to help people understand what the area is like, and to help them plan trips to see the monument.

We think our info is the best available on the Internet.

We would love to hear your comments. Let us know if you have ideas about how we can improve our content.

- Dave Webb


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