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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lake Powell's High Water Wows Visitors

The New York Times has this article about Lake Powell, where the water level is at a six-year high as the area recovers from drought. Below are excerpts.

“The red sands, the cliffs,” said Bill Floor as he readied his boat for a jaunt through a channel not open in years because receding waters left it dry. “Lake Powell has its own special spirit.”

Tom Rohn of Carefree, Ariz., and a friend, Wayne Campbell of Bellevue, Wash., found that the higher water allowed them to go deeper into the many inlets and canyons that rim the lake.

“We saw places we probably haven’t seen for many years,” Mr. Campbell said.

People new to the lake probably will not understand the excitement. Even at its low point it was still immense, its aqua-blue water a contrast to the jagged red and beige rocks around it.

“We came because it is in the desert and we do not see this in Italy,” said Federico Ventura of Milan, here with his family. “We did not know about the water. To me it is just a beautiful lake.”

Read the entire article.


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