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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Biker Bandidos Invade Moab

500-800 members of the Bandidos motorcycle group will be in the Moab area this weekend for a club event. Most will arrive on Friday and stay through Sunday.

Their headquarters will be at Kane Springs campground.

KSL TV has this report about the group. Below are excerpts.

"Along the Colorado River canyon where they're camping, the Bandidos will reportedly have their own security force. Local cops are getting help from numerous agencies, bringing in at least 100 extra patrol officers. "We're running a high-profile detail here. There will be lots of cops visible everywhere," Navarre said.

"Grand County Sheriff Jim Nyland said, "I mean, we have no intelligence to indicate that we're going to have any problems."

"The cops have no intention of using this event as an opportunity to serve outstanding warrants. As one officer put it, "Why stir up a hornet's nest?"

"In a campground building, the Bandidos plan to hold a business meeting on membership, budget and future planning. The travel council has even had positive discussions with the Bandidos about recycling."

Read the complete report.


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