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Thursday, June 19, 2008

2007-08 Ski Season Was Record For Utah

The official numbers are in and they show more skiers than ever enjoyed Utah's slopes. Below are excerpts from news reports about the record season.

Deseret Morning News
For the fifth consecutive year, skiers and snowboarders have come to Utah in record numbers. Final count for the 2007-08 ski season is 4,258,900 skier days.

And although the increase wasn't huge, said Nathan Rafferty, president of Ski Utah, "Utah is seeing increases each year ... we've hit records, now, for five consecutive years.

"What makes it even more meaningful is we can't say the increase was because other resorts around the country had bad snow. We had great snow. Alta recorded 702 total inches for the season. But other areas around the country also had great snow years. It's hard to compare numbers when we have great snow and others don't, but this year everyone had great snow."

Salt Lake Tribune
Another record-breaking year in attracting visitors to the slopes has made Utah's ski industry a billion-dollar-a-year business for the first time.

One aspect of this season's figure particularly pleased Ski Utah President Nathan Rafferty. The 4.3 percent boost in skier visits surpassed the cumulative 2.8 percent increase by other Western ski states - Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico and Montana - all of which also had good snow years.

"There was absolutely no doubt it was a beyond-spectacular winter in terms of powder days and quality of skiing," he said, praising the ability of resorts to cope with big dumps and provide "a quality experience."

Utah BusinessWith another record-breaking year behind them, Ski Utah is planning for a sixth phenomenal winter season in 2008-09. “The industry’s five year history indicates continuous growth,” Kunzer said. “The ski industry and tourism in general are one of Utah’s greatest resources. With five national park and 13 world-class ski resorts, we have a plethora of recreation opportunities to share with visitors.”


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