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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Castle Rock Cutoff is Open at Powell

Lake Powell's water level has risen to the point that the Castle Rock Cut can now be navigated, even in large boats.

The cut is a shortcut between Wahweap Bay and Warm Creek Bay, cutting across the north side of Antelope Island.

People launching at Wahweap Marina and heading up the main channel can save almost 10 miles each way by using the cut. By boat, 10 miles is significant and translates in considerable savings of time and fuel.

The cut can be navigated when the lake level is above 3,620 feet. The lake officially passed that mark yesterday. Small boats with little draw were using the cut for a few days before it was officially declared open.

KSL TV has this report on the shortcut's opening.

Inflows will continue to be high for a couple more weeks. Right now, the lake is rising almost a foot a day. That's an incredible amount of water filling a lake that is about 150 miles long.

After spring runoff ends, the lake level will fall slowly through the summer. But it will probably not fall enough to close the cut during this boating season, which extends through October.

The lake is now high enough to allow boat launching at Hite, at the top of the lake, using an old roadbed. The marina at Hite was removed several years ago and so there are no on-water services. There is a gas station/convenience store and primitive camping area.

The upper lake has muddy water and considerable floating debris from runoff. As that clears the upper lake will become attractive because some of the lake's best bass and striped bass fishing is in that area.


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