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Friday, May 16, 2008

Utah Rivers Are High and Dangerous

Warm temperatures this weekend will bring extra runoff into our streams and rivers. Serious flooding is not expected but the rivers will be flowing fast and high, and will be dangerous.

The Deseret Morning News carried this article about high water dangers. Below are excerpts.

"Every year when we have above-normal flows, people die just by using poor judgment," said Brian McInerney, hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Utah.

Near or above record temperatures in the Salt Lake area are expected to reach 85 Saturday, 93 Sunday and 95 on Monday, at a time when the thermometer should be reading closer to 70.

The more dramatic jump in creek and river levels this weekend are expected in northern Utah. Flooding from runoff alone isn't expected, but the rains could cause some waterways to reach flood stage, the National Weather Service is reporting.

McInerney said that, with any rain next week, there may be a greater chance for some localized flooding in newly developed residential areas near a creek or river or in some bench areas. People should be vigilant about keeping an eye on any nearby waterways, especially with children, who are particularly attracted to streams.

Read the entire article.


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