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Friday, April 25, 2008

Nonstop Flights From Utah to Amsterdam and Tokyo?

The mega-merger of Delta and Northwest airlines may expand international travel options, possibly allowing nonstop frights from Utah to Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Delta has already committed to a flight between Salt Lake and Paris, beginning on June 2.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this new article on possibilities arising because of the merger. Below are excerpts.

Richard Anderson, Delta's chief executive officer, and Ed Bastian, president of the Atlanta-based carrier, met with Salt Lake-based employees, government officials and LDS Church leaders during a daylong series of appearances that culminated four days of meetings around the country to drum up support for the merger.

"Amsterdam is Northwest's gateway throughout Europe, and we've connected Salt Lake to Paris. We haven't run the numbers, but I think there is a possibility that when we do run the numbers, we are going to see Salt Lake-to-Amsterdam also works," Bastian told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Bastian said a route to Tokyo's Narita International Airport also is possible but presents a bigger challenge. Delta would need a bigger, more expensive jet to reach Japan from Salt Lake, possibly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is scheduled to enter service in 2009.

Read the entire article.


  • At 6:19 AM, Blogger Unknown said…

    Dear all,
    As a Dutch couple who at least once a year travels to the USA to discover its vibrant cities and its breathtaking views and nature, there will be surely potentials to a direct link between South Lake City and Amsterdam. If we can fly directly from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City with any airliner, that will be just terrific. Instead of flying to Denver and at least spend a few days or a week in Colorado prior to a trip to Utah, if a direct flight will be possible in the near future, then we can plan a whole different journey to the states of Utah and Arizona by simply flying to Salt Lake City and then plan our trip and win a lot of time and days in how to schedule our holidays and spend our money!
    I hope that sooner or later direct flights from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City and even Phoenix will be available and possible for not only the Americans but also for us, the Dutch, the Belgiand and those from Luxemburg.
    Many thanks,
    Charlotte Najafi-van den Berg


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