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Monday, March 17, 2008

Zion's Cliffs and Canyons in Springtime

Officially, spring starts on March 20, but in reality it has been spring in southwestern Utah for several weeks. The fruit trees are in bloom, flowers are budding and the air is warm.

Zion National Park is incredibly beautiful during springtime. The next few weeks will bring ideal conditions for hiking the dry trails in Zion Canyon.

The Silicon Valley Mercury News has this new article about exploring Zion during springtime. It features the hike up Angels Landing - here are details about the hike and here is a video clip showing the adventure.

Below are excerpts from the article.

Cottonwoods lined the river bank, flaunting fresh green leaves that swayed in the breeze over acres of brilliant green grass. Wildflowers were in riotous bloom under the warm desert sun. Kids on spring break splashed in the still-frigid river. Desert this may be, but after a long winter it was a welcoming oasis.

... From there, hikers work their way across a rocky ridge that steadily narrows. It finally becomes a rock fin only a few feet wide, with thousand-foot drops on each side. Fixed chains set into the rock allow a safety grip on exposed sites for those traversing the edge of the fin, but it can be a terrifying ordeal for those who fear heights. It also is not a hike recommended for young children.

Despite that, it is a crowded trail, with frequent waits at narrow spots for hikers coming the opposite direction. The reward for those who travel the entire rock fin is an unequaled view of the Zion Canyon 1,500 feet below.

Read the entire article.


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