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Monday, March 10, 2008

Utah Set To Launch Tourism Ad Campaign

Utah's Office of Tourism will kick off its spring/summer advertising campaign beginning March 17, on nine national cable TV channels, plus local networks in Los Angeles, Denver and Phoenix.

Last year's ads proved to be popular and effective. You can see them here.

This article in the Salt Lake Tribune describes the new campaign. Below are excerpts.

Last year's main commercial, which showed all kinds of recreational gear pouring out of a baggage carousel at Salt Lake City International Airport, was a hit. It put Utah on the vacation map as a place with an abundance of fun, physical things to do. It helped lift the campaign's return on investment to $17.14 for every state tax dollar spent.

Striking visual scenes of whitewater rafting and other adventurous activities are still there (in the new campaign). But this rendition of the "Life Elevated" campaign emphasizes that Utah has cultural and culinary attractions, as well.
Ads show the Utah Symphony performing outdoors at Deer Valley Resort, and a crowded dining room at Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder.

Water also is prominent in the state's self-portrait, part of the campaign's ongoing effort to depict Utah as a land of variety and abundance, of cool mountains, as well as sculptured desert.

"As gas prices rise, the whole idea of being just a tank or two away really hits home," said bureau executive director Maria Twitchell, noting that her area's collections of transient room tax rose markedly after last year's summer ad campaign.

Print ads will start appearing March 31 in five magazines: Conde Nast Traveler, Sunset, Outside, Backpacker and National Geographic Traveler.

The state campaign also involves a $265,000 investment in Internet ads through five Web groups, the most visible being

Read the entire article.


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