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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

South Temple Named One of America's Great Streets

The American Planning Association has selected South Temple Street (in Salt Lake City) as one of 10 Great Streets in America for its historical residential design and craftsmanship, diversity of land uses, and the integration of multiple forms of transportation throughout history — as well as commitment on the part of the community to preserve its legacy.

Here’s their write-up about the street.

Here are excerpts:

"First envisioned in Joseph Smith's Plat of Zion of 1833 and later employed by Brigham Young in 1847, South Temple Street was meant to be the finest and most prominent avenue in Salt Lake City, as well as a model for other cities and towns in the west. Much of South Temple's success today is a direct reflection of this original bold vision."

"Originally a dirt road, South Temple or Brigham Boulevard developed as a stately residential street as Brigham Young and other church leaders began building homes on the street. As mining became an economic powerhouse in Utah, the wealthiest families built their mansions along South Temple. Today, it is home to the world's richest compendium of religious and non religious buildings: Mormon and Masonic temples, Presbyterian and Catholic churches, historic fraternal clubs, and stately homes of a bygone era, including the Keams Mansion, currently home to the Utah governor."

Read the complete article.


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