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Monday, October 01, 2007

ABC's Weekend Window: Cedar Breaks National Monument

ABC News opened its Weekend Window on Cedar Breaks National Monument, in southwestern Utah. Here's the feature, which includes text, photos and a video clip providing an overview of the scenic area.

With fall colors peaking in the southern Utah high country, this is an excellent time to visit Cedar Breaks. Here are excerpts from the ABC report:
"All the oranges, yellows and reds you see are a byproduct of iron oxide," Boles said. "When you see white, it's pure limestone. And when you see purple, it's actually manganese oxide."
"Hoodoo is simply something that charms or enchants or casts a spell," Boles said. "And if you're out here long enough, and you see the way the light reflects off the rocks do just that, they charm you, they enchant you, and you have a spell cast upon you."

"Here in the park," Herbert said, "we have bristle cone pines that are over 1,600 years [old]. Actually, our oldest is 1,671 years old this year. They are amazing trees. They have to be really hearty, durable plants."

See the full report.


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