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Monday, August 27, 2007

Springdale and Zion Canyon Offer Something for Everyone

Zion National Park is a common subject for newspaper articles. But most such articles ignore Springdale (the community adjacent to Zion's south entrance).

This article, from the local Hurricane Valley Journal, describes the town and what it offers visitors. Here are some excerpts:

"The constant flux of tourists doesn't really affect the city's feel of community," Springdale Mayor Pat Cluff said. "One of our major goals is to retain the village atmosphere."

Since Springdale is located approximately the same distance from Hurricane as Hurricane is from St. George, it is a great alternative for locals as a night out. With the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre and restaurants ranging from Thai to outdoor grilling, Springdale is ideal for dinner and a movie. It has also become a great shopping destination. Some of the shop-owners will even give discounts to locals.

“I really like the shuttle bus in Springdale,” tourist Lee Wu said. “I can't walk so good and this is easy cause it stops a lot in (Springdale).”

Read the entire article.


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