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Monday, July 02, 2007

Parts of Ashley Forest Closed Because of Wildfire

Portions of Ashley National Forest are closed to recreational use as crews battle a wildfire. The blaze started in the Neola area and killed 3 people as it burned into the forest. Residents were evacuated from homes in the area, but have now been allowed to return. KSL TV has current news about the fire.

The closed area extends from Yellowstone Canyon on the west to the Red Cloud Loop road on the east, including quite a number of popular camping areas and fishing waters.

Developed facilities along the boundary roads are not closed, as explained in the description below. This is from an interagency news release. You can read the entire text here. Check here for info on other Utah wildfires.

The area included in this closure begins at the Ashley National Forest boundary at FSR 119, (Yellowstone Canyon Road), traveling north to FSR 124, then north on FSR 124 to the High Uintas Wilderness boundary, then northeast along the wilderness boundary to the Uintah/Daggett County line, (also the Vernal/Flaming Gorge Ranger District boundary), then east along this boundary to FSR 043 (Hacking Lake Road), then southeast along FSR 043 to the intersection with FSR 018 (Red Cloud Loop Road), then southeasterly along FSR 018 to the intersection with FSR 044, (Taylor Mountain Road at Kaler Hollow), then south on FSR 044 to the forest boundary, then west along the southern forest boundary back to FSR 019 (Yellowstone Canyon Road).

The described segments of forest system roads which bound the closure area, and the developed recreation areas immediately adjacent to these roads ARE EXCLUDED FROM CLOSURE AND WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Portions of the listed forest system roads which provide access to the interior of the closure area are NOT open for public travel.

For those visitors wishing to camp in dispersed locations over the 4th of July camping will be allowed on the West side of the Yellowstone Canyon Road and on the East side of the Taylor Mountain Road. Both roads will be opened for public access. To reduce the risk of human-caused ignitions during this period of extreme fire danger the Ashley National Forest will implement fire restrictions on Monday, July 2nd at midnight banning the building, maintaining, or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire. This order applies to all lands within the Ashley National Forest, with the exception of the High Uintas Wilderness Area. This order will be in effect until further notice.


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