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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry Gets New Exhibits and Larger Visitor Center

The visitor center at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry has been enlarged and rededicated, opening new public exhibits. The quarry is located about 30 miles south of Price, on the edge of the San Rafael Swell.

Here are excerpts from a Deseret Morning News article about the event.

"On Saturday (4-28), the Bureau of Land Management rededicated the quarry's visitor center, filled with new exhibits and double the size of the original 1968 structure. About 110 attended, despite the necessity of traveling the final 12 miles on a dirt road."

"About 20,000 dinosaur bones have been found at Cleveland-Lloyd, and undoubtedly more are waiting to be excavated. By far most are those of the meat-eating allosaurus, a two-ton, up to 35-foot-long monster with serrated teeth. But also found are bones of the carnivorous ceratosaurus; camptosaurus, a lumbering elephant of a plant-eater; and camarasaurus, a long-necked vegetarian."

Here are excerpts from this Salt Lake Tribune article on the rededication:

"In this remote tourist attraction, skulls of the long-necked Diplodocus and armor-plated Stegosaurus emerge from stone mounts on the walls. An Allosaurus skeleton - extracted largely from the Emery County quarry - turns its gaping jaws upward as if to attack."

"Its bones - mostly from the meat-eating Allosaurus - have traveled to museums in Japan, Turkey, France, Kuwait and a handful of other countries."

"This is a world-class site," said Paleontology Coordinator Michael Leschin.


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