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Friday, April 27, 2007

Lake Powell is Paradise for Fishermen Right Now

Striped bass are hungry; they aggressively hit lures and take baits at many locations around Lake Powell. Smallmouth bass, largemouth, bluegill, crappie, walleye and channel catfish are also biting well.

The Deseret Morning News has this article describing the action. Here are excerpts:

Boats are pulling into the marinas after a few hours of fishing with large ice chests brimming with four-pound fish.

(DWR biologist Wayne) Gustaveson said he expects this to be a banner year for largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye and bluegill.

"We've already had a couple of bass tournaments. A few years ago you could win a tournament with a combined weight of five fish of seven pounds. It went up to 12 pounds last year and this year it's up to 17 and 18 pounds for five fish. That's an average of more than three pounds a fish, and that's great."

Gustaveson updates a fishing report with specific info on how and where to catch fish in Lake Powell. Read it here.


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