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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Moab's Easter Jeep Safari

Moab's annual Easter Jeep Safari is scheduled for March 31-April 8. It is a big event that draws thousand of participants and spectators. During that time period campgrounds will be crowded and many motels will be booked solid. The town will be lively, even late into the night. If you want to be there, book immediately.

The Safari consists of trail rides, mostly day-long trips, departing from Moab throughout the week. The official event is hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Inc, the local four-wheel drive club. Participants provide their own four-wheel drive vehicle, food and supplies.

The club officially runs approximately 9 different trails every day, with "Big Saturday" culminating in the largest ever single trail ride departure happening - around 30 groups line up in downtown Moab to head off in every direction for 30 different trails! Pre-registration for this event is recommended, although limited registration at the event may be possible.

After the Jeep Safari things will settle down a bit - it will again be possible to find a motel room - but the opportunity for outdoor adventure will continue to increase. River trips will begin in earnest in May. Late May and early June usually bring high river flows, creating the most exciting whitewater trips through Cataract and other legendary canyons. Right now is the time to book river trips.


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