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Monday, March 05, 2007


While many were bemoaning the recent barrage of snowstorms that swept through Utah, I for one was celebrating. But then, a person’s perspective is often skewed by a new hobby. Mine is snowboarding.

So last Thursday my buddy Ken and I took to the slopes in Park City at The Canyons resort, which touts itself as the largest ski and snowboard resort in Utah. I believe it, and the snow was fantastic. There was fresh powder everywhere, and on some runs the new snow was over a foot deep. Add to that the fact that lines were minimal at most lifts, and we ended up with an absolutely perfect day.

Now, this powder business was new territory for me, because as a skier I generally avoided it. My few attempts at skiing powder were painful and tiring, so I always stayed with the groomed runs (I’m sure those who know what they’re doing enjoy it tremendously). But on a snowboard, it was a whole new experience.

Even at my novice skill level, the board floated on the powder like I was riding on air. It was effortless. We found ourselves boarding at the edges of many runs where the powder was undisturbed. And for those of us who still fall regularly, it was like landing on a pillow. Only a little colder.

We explored a lot of different runs, mostly off of the Saddleback and Tombstone lifts, and stopped just long enough to eat a quick lunch and figure out where we were (it's a good idea to take a map with you at The Canyons, because the place is huge). We hit our favorite runs off Saddleback three or four times at the end to maximize our snowboarding time, and finished with a trip up Golden Eagle to take Doc's Run back down.

I never before understood why people were so anxious to get out after a good storm to catch the powder. Now I’m hooked.

- Russ A.


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