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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Temple Square is Utah's Hottest Tourist Destination

Christmas at Temple SquareThe Christmas lights are on at Temple Square, there is snow on the ground and the mood is festive. There are multi-colored lights everywhere, illuminating nativity scenes, religious and historic displays, with the temple gleaming in the background. The sight is incredibly beautiful. This is perhaps the best time of year to visit Utah’s top tourist destination. has a very good article explaining why Temple Square is such an attractive destination, and what people can expect when they visit. Here is an excerpt:

“You will, however, encounter some of the most polite, articulate hosts imaginable. And if Utah is known for its trademark "Greatest snow on Earth," the church's grounds could qualify for "the cleanest show on Earth." From the ornate gardens to the two visitor centers, three restaurants and even the restrooms, the campus is a testimony to a Mormon sense of meticulous cleanliness and order.”

Read the entire article.


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