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Monday, October 09, 2006

Toddlers on Skis - Safe and Fun

Newsweek (Oct 16 issue) has a great article about new opportunities to get young kids on ski, in a way that is safe and enjoyable.

“Toddlers used to have to sit on the sidelines—or home with Grandma—while their parents had all the fun. But in the past few years, resorts and equipment makers have made it easier for even the littlest kids to get in on the action.”

The article describes programs at both Snowbird and Alta that are geared for young kids.

“Last year, after repeated requests from parents, Utah's Alta ski area ( started a pre-ski program, in which a mascot in a bear costume shows kids ages 2 and up how to put on their boots and grab their poles. Then, instructors take them out to flat, snowy ground where the kids learn to shuffle on the snow. "We get children excited about the idea of learning how to ski," says Joan Nichol, director of the Alta Children's Center.”

Read the entire article.


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