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Monday, September 18, 2006

Snow on the Mountains

The first snow of the season hit northern Utah last weekend. I know that for a fact because I was camping with a bunch of Boy Scouts, up near the top of Hobble Creek Canyon east of Springville.

It rained hard most of the night, but we were warm and dry in tents. Sometime during the night the rain changed to snow and there was a skiff on the ground when we awoke.

The ski resorts picked up more. Ski Utah reports 6 inches at the base at Snowbird, and 12 inches on Hidden Peak.

Ski Utah shows snow on the mountains in a nice slide show on their home page. First Tracks has this report about the snow event.

It will all melt quickly. Even the snow on Hidden Peak will probably melt, as mild fall temperatures return to the area.

But that didn’t stop snowboard enthusiasts from carrying boards to the top of hills and riding down. It was a great early-season bonus that excited skiers and snowboarders. The season is coming... quickly.

Now’s the time to book your Utah ski trips. Resort lodging is already filling up for holiday weekends. Better act now.

- Dave Webb


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