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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quarry Closed at Dinosaur National Monument

The Quarry at Dinosaur National Monument has been close to the public because the building that encloses the quarry has serious structural problems. It will remain closed until renovations can be completed – probably for a period of several months.

The Quarry is the only area within the monument where the public can view dinosaur fossils embedded in rock.

Dinosaur National Monument includes a large area where people can engage in a variety of sports including hiking, camping and whitewater river running. The Quarry is the only facility that has been closed – the rest of the monument is open.

Dinosaur bones, replicas and other exhibits can be seen at several other places. In nearby Vernal, the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park showcases dinosaur fossils, life-sized replicas and other exhibits.

The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, southwest of Price, is a working quarry where the public can observe paleontological work in progress, including fossils that are being uncovered and studied.

This page lists several other places where the public and view fossils and learn about dinosaurs.


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