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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Utah Has Lowest Gas Prices In US

AAA reported today that the average price of gasoline in Utah is lower than anywhere else in the US.

The report said: “The lowest state-wide average gasoline prices in the nation are in Utah at $2.082 per gallon, followed by Idaho at $2.134 per gallon, and Wyoming at $2.149.”

“Statewide average prices are above $2.00 in every state with Hawaii having the highest price in the nation at $2.695 per gallon. States in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions have the next highest average prices. In New York the price is $2.534 today. In West Virginia the price is $2.445 and in Connecticut gasoline is averaging $2.437. Gasoline prices in California, which are often among the nation's highest, are averaging $2.356.”

Read the entire report.

But take a look at the weather report before heading out on that long drive. A major winter storm is expected to hit northern Utah this evening and continue into Wednesday morning. A winter storm warning is in effect for mountain areas. It is expected to dump on our ski areas.

Another storm is lined up to arrive this weekend, and it may push into southern Utah. Ski conditions should be great through the extended period.


  • At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Utah gas is is not the cheapest.
    The state is talking chages to drive on the roads. Where are the gas taxes going?
    Why is the gas more here than most other states?
    We need to rethink the representatives and their vote to charge for road use. Instead let's reduce their wages.


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