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Friday, January 06, 2006

Bright Stars at Bryce Canyon

The Dallas Morning News online travel section today features Bryce Canyon National Park, under this headline:

Stars at night are big and bright in isolated Bryce Canyon

Writer Bob Downing notes the excellent stargazing opportunities at Bryce:

“Star-watchers at Bryce Canyon are typically able to view 7,500 stars at a time with the naked eye, three times what would be seen in the rural and dark Midwest.
“People near cities in the Midwest and East are able to see even fewer stars because of the urban lights that blot out sky objects.”

He describes Bryce as a photographer’s dreamland and recommends specific spots for great photos.

Wrote Downing: “This gawkers' park has a spectacular badlands landscape and is bewitching, enchanting and friendly, not intimidating. It's a land of details.”

Read the entire article.


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