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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Little-Known Waterfall

I hiked into a little-know waterfall yesterday. It’s gorgeous, as you can see from the photo. The hike is only about a mile along a moderately strenuous trail, after a 5-mile drive up a 4X4 road.

My question: Why isn’t this waterfall touted as an attraction? Its beauty compares with the famous Calf Creek waterfalls. Access isn’t that difficult.

Since it’s been overlooked, maybe I won’t tell where it is. It will be my own little paradise. Too bad it doesn’t have a plunge pool like the swimming holes found under the Calf Creek falls. If this baby had a plunge pool it would be one of my favorite places on earth.

It’s found on Sand Creek, north of Torrey. Follow the Great Western Trail north from the east edge of town and take the spur that follows Sand Creek. Follow that rough road until you are about 5 miles from town, until it veers west, away from the creek. At about that point you’ll see a trail that has been closed to motorized travel. Hike up that trail, which stays on the bench east of the creek, until you approach the top of the canyon. The waterfall comes off the high red cliffs. If you pay attention you’ll see a faint trail that descends a steep slope to the base of the waterfall.

- Dave Webb


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