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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Update on Cathedral in the Desert

Editor's note: We thank Chet for providing the following update:

Here's the story on how I found the Cathedral-in-the-Desert's condition on June
1st (compared to my earlier visit on April 7th).

The lake level had risen about 30' (to 3587' in June 1st), so only the upper fluted 20' (estimated) of the waterfall remained. The floor is gone, of course. The
current level is about 3593' so not much is still exposed. And the lake is rising fast.

There were a lot of people there on June 1st. The rising water had made it possible for boaters to again reach the bottom of an old ski tow rope that someone had left there sometime earlier, so kids were pulling themselves up the rope and jumping off into the pool.

We climbed up to the top of the pool and walked the 100 or so yards back into the Nave to the second waterfall -- which is about half the size of the first one, but lovely as it drops into its plunge pool. I would guess that within another couple of weeks people will be boating over the first fall and will think that the second one is the main waterfall. Then that one will become inundated, most likely.

We both saw it at the right time.



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