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Friday, June 13, 2014

Public Input Sought On Management Of Corona Arch

What should the BLM do with Corona Arch? That question is up for debate and the federal agency is interested in your view.

Corona is a very scenic natural arch located west of Moab. It is accessible via a short hike and is a popular destination for families and others looking for a mild outing. But it has also attracted its share of extreme adventurers.

Corona was recently acquired by BLM in a land swap with the State of Utah. While under state control there were few restrictions on activities. If you visit you will often see people hiking on top of and rappelling off of the arch. During the past couple years the arch has been the subject of popular videos glorifying risky adventures. The video below seemed to kick off the trend. It's amazing to watch. Sadly, a young man lost his life trying to duplicate the stunt.

Should such activities be allowed at the arch? Read this Deseret News article for more background and give BLM your feedback.


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